Customized Computer Kiosks & POS Dry Cleaner, Restaurant & Retail System
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EnliteXP was designed for users who have little or no computer experience. It's so easy that most of our customers learn to use the EnliteXP in less than 1 hours!

Here some of the features:

-Reprint Tag, Ticket, Receipt, Invoice
-Tax,Enviroment Charge
-Auto Invoice Print
-Auto Tag Print
-Multi Prive Level
-Remember CustomerStarch
-Quick Drop, Hold Drop
-Easy Up Charge & Discount
-Detail Discount
-In-Store Customer Credit
-Pre-payment option
-Same day Service
-Inventory Maintenance
-Billing Customer Maintenance
-Marketing Module
-Address Verification
-Employee Management
-Employee Timecard
-Workload Display
-Auto Conveyer Control
-PDA Customer Search
-Customer Search by Phone, Name,Invoice, Ticket Number
-Partial Pickup, Partial Payment
-DigitalCamera takes picture of clothes drop-off and pick-up
-Automatically E-mail Customers when clothes are ready
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